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New: Compress CSS / HTML - Online tool for SEOs and webmasters

The comfortable way to create link codes instantly - completely for free :-)

Number of created codes: 3.832.971


By using the link-generator below HTML-newbies as well as webmasters or seos are able to generate finished HTML source codes (inclusive setting of the target, nofollow/follow or OnClick) instantly, e. g. for applications like advertisings or when register a website in a web directory, which requires a reciprocal link. Further it allows to dispatch finished codes to potential partners in order to place a site-recommendation for you in their website. - features:

  • it is possible to generate text- or image-linkcodes
  • inclusive setting of the target follow or nofollow or covering the link by OnClick
  • complete your data by filling out the form below und press "create text link" or "create image link". Ready....

    Please note: the upper indications must also be done when creating an image link!
(please indicate http:// and if so www.)
* link text:
(this text will be linked to the url above)
title (optional):
(appears with textlink when mouseover)
target blank:
(target blank opens the target page in a separate window)
(check nofollow to avoid tracking the link by search enginges like
(check OnClick to cover and devalue the link by javascript)



your code:
image link:
(check yes to create an image link & ensure that the image is uploaded on your server)
image url:
(please generally indicate http:// and if so www.)
(pix width) (pix height)
  * with an image link the indicated link text (see above) serves as alternative text
your code:
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How to use the generated code?

  • Copy the code into your clipboard and open the page, where the link should be placed by using a pure text editor tool (e. g. Windows editor or Notepad) or a web-editor like Dreamweaver or Frontpage.

  • Insert the code to the desireded position within the "body" area of your website. Then safe the file and overwrite the page on your webserver. For unexpierented users it is recommended to create a backup file of the old version before making any changes.


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